Body & Space is a semi-independent eight-week project which has been delivered on the Foundation Art & Design course at the British Higher School of Art & Design over the past three years. The project explores the study of the representation of self with- in a space. It investigates ideas of self-portraiture, time and duration, performance, repeated action, endurance and the documentary.
Over the course of the eight weeks, students are asked to experiment with various technical aspects of photography. They must consider how to include themselves in the photograph, what repeated action to perform, where to take the photograph and at what time of day. They are asked to further consider how their investigations have the potential to generate a series of works. The exhibition Body & Space presents a range of these photographic series made across the three years that the project has run.
Foundation Art & Design is an intensive one-year course that develops the student’s understanding of the world of art and design. Students examine where their strengths and interests lie through an engagement with practical projects, problem solving and critical thinking. The course is studied in three stages. It gradually moves from being predominantly staff led during Stage 1, to a situation where students are able to develop projects wholly independently by Stage 3. This emphasis on developing independence is a vitally important preparation for degree level study.
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