An iPhone, an overcoat, an art school locker, a section of wall between two windows, a nomadic vitrine, a hand built wooden structure in the desert, a hairdresser’s, a world-wide shipping container, the back of a vape shop, a sibling’s garage, a whole apartment and a small Scottish town.
The exhibition The Gallery in the Expanded Field explores the possibilities of what could constitute a gallery space through presenting the programmes of a series of interesting ‘galleries’ some of which have now ceased to exist and some of which are still functioning.
The exhibition showcases spaces from a range of countries including Russia, America and Great Britain through presenting documentary images and text of the history of the exhibition programme alongside, in some cases, new projects made specifically for The Gallery in the Expanded Field. The participating ‘galleries’ range from the historically significant apartment shows of the group APTART, to an exhibitions programme that has been functioning for over 25 years out of its curators overcoat and a gallery that only had one show before it was blown away in a sandstorm in New Mexico.
The ‘expanded field’ is a term that has come to be increasingly used in relation to extending the traditional notions of disciplines such as sculpture, painting, drawing, architecture and writing. It originally comes from Rosalind Krauss’ seminal essay, published in 1979 in the journal October, ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’.
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