A tent pitch, a wardrobe in a rented apartment, a bar's vender cigarette machine, a street-side noticeboard, the interior and exterior of a removal van, a commissioned sculpture in a public space.
The exhibition The Gallery in the Expanded Field III is the third in a series of exhibitions that explore the possibilities of what could constitute a gallery space. Each iteration is assisted by students from the British Higher School of Art and Design. A small group of students are partnered with a gallery space and fabricate components of the exhibition. Additionally, the students interview the artists / curators / directors which form the content of a series of publications on the theme of alternative gallery spaces.

The exhibition showcases spaces from a range of countries including Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America, through presenting documentary images and text of the history of the exhibition programme alongside, in some cases, new projects made specifically for The Gallery in the Expanded Field III.
The ‘expanded field’ is a term that has come to be increasingly used in relation to extend the traditional notions of disciplines such as sculpture, painting, drawing, architecture and writing. It originally comes from Rosalind Krauss’ seminal essay, published in 1979 in the journal October, ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’